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  1. What is the Swindell Dressler Credit Union?

  2. What is the purpose of the SDCU?

  3. Is the Credit Union a part of the company?

  4. Who may become a member?

  5. Are adequate safeguards provided?

  6. How convenient is the Credit Union?

  7. Are Statements of Account furnished to members?

  8. How do I join the Credit Union?


The rules, policies, or regulations may be changed at any time by action of the Board
or amendments to the Credit Union Act and By-Laws.



What is the Swindell-Dressler Credit Union?

•  It is a non-profit membership organization, chartered in 1965 under Pennsylvania State Law.

•  We are a fellowship society of Swindell Dressler, S/D Engineers, CSD Engineers, WAPC, Berry Metal, Busch Co., Kvaerner Metals, Metplas, Little Sisters of the Poor, Sam's Club, Payroll Edge and Voest Alpine and
their adult family members joining together for mutual financial welfare and opportunity.

•  All savings deposited are termed shares. Such shares represent the capital of the cred union. One
share has a par value of $5.00.

•  Loans from share capital are made to credit union members for provident or worthy purposes.

•  Interest from loans pays operating expenses and dividends to depositors in our non profit organization.

•  Other services offered are share drafts (checking accounts), MAC ATM cards and Visa credit cards.

What is the purpose of the Swindell-Dressler Credit Union?

•  It was organized by employees of Swindell-Dressler for a two fold purpose:

•  To promote thrift among its members by offering to them a means for making safe and
regular investments.

•  To enable its members, when in need, to obtain loans at reasonable rate of interest for
worthwhile purposes.

•  The credit union idea is a proven one. Through credit unions, the average has demonstrated that,
by faith in the integrity and dignity of his fellow man, he has the ability to manage his own financial
affairs better than anyone else can manage for him.

•  We feel the privileges and opportunities offered by the credit union are unequaled by other financial institutions. Our service is extended liberally with dignity and desire for true helpfulness.

Is the Credit Union a part of a company?

•  No. It is not part of nor is it sponsored by any member company. It is an entirely separate
organization of employees of Swindell Dressler, S/D Engineers, Siemens Energy Inc., WAPC,
Kvaerner Metals, Berry Metals, Busch Co., Metplas, Little Sisters of the Poor, Sam's Club, Payroll
Edge and Voest Alpine. It has its own officers who operate it as an independent enterprise.
However, it has the full approval and cooperation of the member companies.

Who may become a member?

•  Full time permanent employees of each member company and adult family members.

Are adequate safeguards provided?

•  As in all state credit unions, SDCU is under supervision of the state banking commission
and is examined once a year by state examiners.

•  A separate supervisory committee operates in accordance with the state law and conducts an
audit of the credit union accounts each year.

•  A surety bond is carried in the amount of $1,000,000, which covers every person officially
a part of our operation. This bond covers almost every conceivable type of loss including mysterious
loss and disappearance. This blanket bond also covers losses under faithful performance.

•  All disbursements are made by check and all investments are secured and insured.

How convenient is the Credit Union?

•  The Credit Union is located at 4712 Clairton Blvd in the South Hills, across from the Baldwin/Whitehall High School.

•  Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Phone: (412) 281-6303

Fax: (412) 281-6309

Are statements of account furnished to members?

•  Yes, a statement is mailed to each member quarterly. This statement is an itemized record of
each transaction on a member's account. Members with draft accounts receive monthly statements.

•  All member accounts are serviced by the Advanced Management Information Systems Software.

How do I join the Credit Union?

•  Obtain a membership application from the credit union office, your SDCU representative, or the
SDCU Web site. Fill out and sign the application and return it to the credit union. A minimum of
$5/share must be purchased to enroll. In addition, a $0.25 fee is charged for setup.
The total is $5.25.

•  Payroll deductions are available to employees of member companies. The minimum deduction
is $5/pay.

•  Anyone may have direct deposit or automatic withdrawal from a checking account. Minimum
amount being $5/deposit.

•  In compliance with Home Land Security policies, we now ask that along with membership
application, we get a copy of the member's Driver's License/State Identification Card.




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