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Late Fee for loans 15+Days Late: $30 or 5% of the principle + interest payment, whichever is less.

APY - The effective annual rate of return taking into account the effect of compounding interest
APR - The annual rate that is charged for borrowing, expressed as a single percentage number
that represents the actual yearly cost of funds over the term of a loan. This includes
any fees or additional costs assocaited with the transaction.


Rates as of August 2016
All rates subject to change


Visa Credit Cards
Cash Advance
*subject to credit approval


  Signature Loans
Max amount $7500+ shares
*5yr max term
*subject to credit approval
Call the credit union for
the best available rates!

NEW RULES: New sliding interest rates on NEW signature loans are based on credit scores
and payment history. Final interest rate is to be determined by and at the discretion of the
credit committee. Refinanced loans will be at or above their current interest rate.

  Shared Secured
*Total of loan fully secured by shares

Vehicle Loans
*All vehicle loans must have sales agreement


New Car Loans


*Subject to credit approval
  01-36 months
37-48 months
49-60 months
61-72 months
*100% financing including tax and fee on new car loans, UPON APPROVED CREDIT
  Used Car Loans    
  1-3 yrs old - - - - 90% financing
4 yrs or older - - 80% financing
*Not to exceed delivery price
*Value of vehicle not to exceed NADA guide trade/retail in value
* Total of vehicle and signature loans combined cannot exceed $50,000.

Certificates of Deposit
NEW: $5,000 minimum

  12 Month
24 Month
  Dividends Rates on Shares
*Based on $100 or more
*Subject to terms and conditions
*All rates subject to change

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Loan Calculators

Simple loan calculator


Miscellaneous Calculators
(Because we care!)

IRS Witholding calculator
College Expected Family Contribution calculator
College Cost Projector calculator
Savings Bond calculator



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